Last updated on July 14th, 2018

If you’re reading this review about the Snuggle Pedic pillow, you’ve probably already fallen in love with the concept of a memory foam pillow, which means that now you just need to find the best option before taking the leap and buying one.

Memory foam pillows have become so popular among people looking for a better night’s sleep.

To be fair, the popularity of memory foam pillows is completely justified. You just have to lay your head down on one for a few seconds to realize how comfortable they can be.

But is it really worth buying one? And moreover, is it worth buying the Snuggle Pedic?

Snuggle-Pedic Memory Foam Pillow
  • 85%
    Price - 85%
  • 95%
    Filling - 95%
  • 93%
    Lifespan - 93%
  • 90%
    Comfort & Support - 90%
  • 90%
    Design - 90%


  • Keeps your spine straight
  • Great support for neck and head
  • Stays cooler for longer than most memory foam pillows


  • Cumbersome to wash
  • Doesn’t hold its shape overtime

Features & Specs

Unlike some other memory foam pillows, which can absorb sweat and become obnoxiously warm during hotter months, the Snuggle Pedic will remain cool all night long thanks to its Kool-Flow, Micro-Vented Bamboo cover that allows air to circulate through the pillow.

The bamboo cover feels so soft on your skin that the only problem you may have is fighting the urge to stay in bed just to get that cozy sensation.

Your pillow will be shipped directly from the factory, which gives the manufacturer better control over the finished product and allows you, as a customer, to feel reassured that you’re getting a top-notch pillow.

These are all the essential features you need to know about the Snuggle Pedic memory foam pillow:

Full List of Features & Specs

  • Shredded style combination memory foam body pillow
  • Sleep trial of 120 nights – the longest on the market
  • Zippered, removable outer cover
  • Cover made with Kool-Flow® extra breathable micro-vented material, with 43% viscose of bamboo, 56.4 percent polyester, 0.6 percent lycra
  • Environmentally-friendly and fabricated with non-toxic components, tested to make sure it doesn’t hurt the Earth
  • Manufactured with Biogreen® and Certipur-US certified foam.
  • Naturally resistant to dust mites
  • Fully machine washable
  • Comes in three sizes: standard, queen and king
  • Made in USA
  • 20-year warranty
  • Free customizations and free return shipping when you contact Relief-Mart directly
Want a Snuggle-Pedic Memory Foam Pillow?

Customer Reviews

The Snuggle Pedic memory foam is one of the most popular pillows available online. It has over 10K reviews on Amazon with nearly a perfect 5-star rating. Relief-Mart, the company behind this product, has outstanding, reputable customer service with a reputation for genuinely caring about their clients.

Here’s what a few of their customers have said after buying the Snuggle Pedic pillow:

– “It is so amazingly soft. Not only because of the bamboo case but also the shredded foam makes it feel like you are sleeping on hundreds of mini foam pillows. Last night, I can safely say that I had one of the best sleeps in the past 3 weeks thanks to it.”

– “My first few nights of sleeping with the pillow were positive. I felt that my neck was aligned properly as I slept on my side and my back. I liked the firmness level and that the memory foam pieces cradled my head.”

The perfect size depends on your body. Most experts recommend a knee pillow that offers 4 to 6 inches of separation. Small-framed users should shop for knee pillows on the smaller size. Larger body types require more support and should use a larger, firmer knee pillow during the night.

– “This is the best pillow ever! It's supportive without being too firm and you can squish it around until it perfectly conforms to your head, however you sleep. It doesn't get hot like other memory foam pillows and it's washable.”

User Guide & Recommendations

The pillow is delivered rolled and vacuum-sealed for easy transport. Once you receive it, you simply have to unroll it, open the plastic bag and let the pillow gain its regular fluffy shape. While it will “inflate”, you can easily adjust the pillow by removing the filling until you get the desired height and softness.

There’s an easy-to-access zipper so you can add or remove foam. And don’t panic if you would like to add even more foam but there’s nothing left in the package – the manufacturer will send you additional foam if needed, or even customize it if you’re not completely satisfied with your pillow.

It is also recommended to put the pillow in the dryer on high for 20 minutes before using it for the first time. This will help recover the millions of foam cells that give shape to the pillow. And at any point in time, if you feel that your pillow has lost some of its thickness – either because of use, the weather or because it was stored for a long time in the closet – put it in the dryer and it will revitalize the pillow and make it look like new again. 

Cons of the Snuggle Pedic Bamboo Pillow

If you look closely at anything, you’ll always find areas that can be improved. And while you can rest assured with the Snuggle Pedic, knowing that the Relief-Mart customer service team will work to accommodate  almost any of your needs, it’s important that you are aware of some aspects of the pillow that could be a bit inconvenient or annoying.

For instance, the stuffing consists of tiny, crumbling pieces of shredded foam that can make a mess when you’re trying to adjust it. It could also be cumbersome to put it in the washer, making it very difficult to fully dry the pillow as well.

In addition, there are some people who have found it too firm or too big, even after removing some foam. So if you are someone who prefers flatter pillows with almost no height, the Snuggle Pedic might not be for you.

Another issue that some users have reported is that, despite what the manufacturer says, it doesn’t hold its shape over time. However, this is an issue that can be easily solved putting it in the dryer again (as explained earlier), or simply claiming your 20-year warranty.

Snuggle Pedic Memory Foam Pillow Review: Should You Buy It? 2

Is the Snuggle Pedic the Pillow of Your Dreams?

The Snuggle Pedic memory foam pillow is a great option because it is lighter, cooler, and more resilient than other memory foam pillows that are available on the market. In other words, you can be certain it won’t go flat and will give you orthopedic support by keeping your head and neck properly aligned for a long time.

While it’s popular among side sleepers, it is also a great option  for back and stomach sleepers as well. Thanks to its small, soft, fluffy pieces of foam, the Snuggle Pedic pillow will adjust to any sleep position, and you won’t need to worry about constantly moving your pillow throughout the night.

As per our recent review at Sleepyhood, the Snuggle Pedic is a good option for pregnant women as well, since it helps you sleep in the best possible position to avoid any uncomfortable back or neck pain.

Those who suffer from allergies will see their quality of sleep improved too. You won’t sneeze even once thanks to the hypoallergenic materials that this pillow is made of.

And snorers can benefit from the adjustable features of the Snuggle Pedic because it’s fairly easy to customize the height you need to breathe normally.

All in all, unless you need a super firm (or super flat) pillow, the Snuggle Pedic should be able to fulfill the needs of anyone looking for a restful slumber. 

Alternatives to  the Snuggle Pedic Memory Foam Pillow

If you’re not totally convinced that  the Snuggle Pedic is the pillow for you, but still want to sleep on a memory foam pillow, The Coop Home Goods is softer, has a better capacity to be customized to your desired firmness and has great reviews as well.

If you’re looking for the best option for side sleepers and you’re not a fan of the memory foam technology, you could try the Side Sleeper Pro Air as an alternative.

Wrapping it Up

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The Iso Cool Memory Foam Pillow is good for side sleepers. It won’t change its shape, even if you toss and turn during the night. It is easy to use and, thanks to its size, it gives you many options to sleep however you want. All in all, we recommend that you give the Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow a try today and start sleeping better.