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Snoring can hurt your quality of sleep, and it can also make your spouse or partner miserable throughout the night. The good news is, there is a wide range of snoring solutions — like anti-snoring mouthpieces and mouthguards. If snoring has been disrupting your sleep and aggravating your spouse or partner, then it’s time to do something about it.

In this article we’ll cover general information about anti-snoring devices, how they work, shopping recommendations and our reviews on the top 5 anti-snoring mouthpieces and mouthguards available in the market.

Best Anti-Snoring Mouthpieces and Mouthguards



  • Get two different sizes for different levels of intensity
  • Small size enhances comfort
  • Dentist-designed for maximum effectiveness


  • Some users report soreness after using (especially those with overbites)
  • Can dry out the mouth and make users wake up thirsty
  • Applies more pressure to teeth than other options

Many who are looking at mouthguard options are concerned about comfort. They are specifically worried that a bulky snore guard will make it more difficult for them to fall asleep — not less. But that’s just one reason why ZQuiet is so popular — it’s among the most comfortable anti-snoring devices you’ll find.

A dentist created the ZQuiet, which is designed to be small. Despite its size, the ZQuiet is powerful at opening up airways by preventing the jaw from falling backward, which is what creates the vibration and noises we know as “snoring”.

As an added bonus, you actually get two mouthpieces when you choose the ZQuiet. You’ll get a smaller version that works best for anyone who only needs a slight correction. You’ll also get a slighter larger snore guard that is best for anyone who needs more intensive support.

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Good for
  • People buying an anti-snoring device for the first time
  • Those who experience jaw pain
  • Mouth breathers


Best Anti Snoring Mouthpieces and Mouthguards 2020 7


  • Highly adjustable firmness
  • Great for neck pain
  • No smells


  • Questionable quality
  • Tends to leak
  • Difficult to clean

If you need a more intensive anti-snoring solution, check out the VitalSleep. It comes with a crank that can be used to adjust the position of this mandibular adjustment device, which helps you get to sleep with maximum comfort.

The VitalSleep is also available in two sizes — a larger version recommended for men and a smaller version recommended for women. The VitalSleep is also backed by a one-year warranty, which limits your risk and protects you if this snore guard doesn’t work. You can also get a free replacement within the first year.

While the VitalSleep is a popular and effective mouthpiece, some users prefer something a little less intensive. The VitalSleep has a lot of nooks and crevices that require significant cleaning, and you’ll need to keep track of the crank that adjusts the device. If you lose the crank, you’ll be stuck with the Vital Sleep (quite literally).

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Good for
  • Those who prefer a customized fit
  • Snorers with varying jaw advancement preferences
  • People that don’w wear dentures


  • One-size-fits-all design
  • Relatively low price
  • Simple to use


  • Requires an adjustment period
  • Keeps mouth open, which leads to drooling and dry mouth
  • Some users have difficulty swallowing

What makes Air Snore one of the most popular anti-snoring mouthpieces? It starts with simplicity. There’s no special fitting required when you choose the Air Snore as your snoring guard, and you get tremendous value for your investment due to the low price.

It’s nice to have a one-size-fits-all mouthpiece option. When you use the Air Snore, it actually molds to your mouth. Once molded to the shape of your mouth, the Air Snore opens your airways by moving your jaw just slightly forward.

The result is a good night’s rest with limited (if any) snoring. If you do not get the desired results while using Air Snore, you have up to 60 days to return without question. This is helpful as it takes a few days for the Air Snore to fully mold to your mouth. This 60-day return window gives you plenty of time to test it out before making a final decision.

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Good for
  • Value Seekers
  • Those looking for non-invasiveness and effectiveness
  • Mouth breathers

Good Morning Snore Solution

Best Anti Snoring Mouthpieces and Mouthguards 2020 9


  • One-size-fits-all design makes using simple and easy
  • A non-invasive product that maximizes comfort
  • Focuses on tongue rather than jaw placement


  • Can fall out of the mouth during adjustment period
  • High-end pricing (but the ability to buy a second at half off)
  • One of the shortest warranty windows at just 30 days

The Good Morning Snore Solution takes a slightly different approach to eliminating your snoring. Most mouthpieces and mouthguards focus on moving the jaw forward to open up airways, but this tongue-restraining device focuses on keeping the tongue in a place to maximize flow (and limit snoring).

This product comes in just one size, and it is incredibly soft and comfortable. If you’re looking for something non-invasive, this is the product to start with. In fact, the Good Morning Snore Solution is so comfortable and so soft that it can sometimes fall out of the mouth until you get used to using it.

If price is your main concern, you can find more affordable options. That said, the ability to get a second Good Morning Snore Solution at 50% might deliver the added value you’re looking for. Just be sure to decide quickly whether it’s working or not — there’s only a 30-day warranty window.

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Good for
  • Those who like lighter mouthpieces
  • Sleepers that can breathe well through their noses
  • People that wear dentures, implants or crowns


  • Boiling allows for custom impression
  • Adjustability allows you to find the perfect position
  • FDA-approved for its effectiveness


  • Slips out of its setting on occasion
  • Slightly more expensive than some competitors
  • 30-day return window is shorter than others

The SnoreRx is just as effective as the Air Snore mouthpiece, but it uses a slightly different approach to customization. Rather than molding naturally to your mouth, the SnoreRx requires boiling. You soften it up by placing it in boiling water, and then you bite down on it to mold it to your mouth.

You’ll find that the SnoreRx is adjustable, too, which allows for greater flexibility. You can adjust this snore guard in 1-millimeter increments to open your airways even further when needed. The good news is that you can adjust either direction at any time, which gives you the ability to find the perfect position.

Some users have a hard time keeping the SnoreRx at their chosen settings. The SnoreRx is also slightly more expensive than the Air Snore and some other options. Still, this product is highly effective and makes a perfect solution for many who struggle with snoring.

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Good for
  • Those who prefer a customized fit
  • Snorers with varying jaw advancement preferences
  • Mouth breathers

Anti-Snoring Mouthguards & Mouthpieces Explained

When you first start snoring, it may impact your rest – or even the restfulness of someone who shares a room with you. In those early days, weeks and months, it may feel like you’ve developed a problem without a solution.

But there’s good news, too: The market is full of anti-snoring solutions, and anti-snoring mouthguards and mouthpieces are one of the least intensive of those options.

Sometimes snoring mouthpieces are a bit of a mystery for those who don’t know much about snoring and anti-snoring solutions. We are here to help you learn more about this effective snoring solution and to recommend products that might be useful in eliminating your snoring issues.

How Do They Work?

Snoring can be caused by any number of things, but there’s a primary reason why the human body makes the noises we think of as “snoring”: air flow into the body, into the lungs and then back out of the body is constricted in some way.

When airflow is constricted, the tissue inside the mouth, nose or throat begins to vibrate, which makes the sound we refer to as snoring. It’s a lot like letting the air of out a balloon. If you just let the air flow out natural, the balloon is silent. But, if you pull the opening where air flows out of the balloon, it will make a squealing noise.

Where do snoring mouthpieces fit in? They typically do one of 4 things to prevent the vibrations that cause snoring:

  1. Jaw Stabilization: Snoring is sometimes caused when the jaw falls back toward the throat, constricting airflow. Some mouthpieces stabilize the jaw so that it remains in place.
  2. Jaw Placement: The jaw doesn’t need to fall back to cause snoring. Sometimes the jaw’s naturally resting place constricts airflow and leads to snoring. That’s why some snore guard options bring the jaw slightly forward, which opens up airflow. As you’ll see below, some snore guards stabilize the jaw — but can also be adjusted to bring the jaw slightly forward if needed. These types of snore guards are known as mandibular advancement devices (MAD).
  3. Tongue Placement: The jaw isn’t the only culprit. Sometimes the tongue is the problem, which is why some mouthguard options push down on the tongue so that it can’t fall back toward the throat and constrict airflow. These types of snore guards are known as tongue retaining devices (TRD).
  4. Tissue Stabilization: Soft tissue in the throat and mouth can also create the vibrations that cause snoring. In some instances, snore guard options stabilize loose tissue to prevent snoring.

As you begin your search for the best anti-snoring mouthpiece, you’ll find an array of options. Most devices do one of the 4 things listed above, but you may find other specialized snore guard options that do other specific things to prevent other specific causes of snoring.

What Type of Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece is Right For You?

It really depends on what’s causing your snoring in the first place. There are so many different reasons why people snore. Here’s a look at the causes of snoring, plus the type of snore guard that works best for those causes

  • Sleep Deprivation: When you don’t get enough sleep, your throat overly relaxes when you do get some sleep. A tongue retaining device is likely the best bet for eliminating snoring due to sleep deprivation.
  • Sleep Position: Back sleepers often snore more than side or stomach sleepers. When you sleep on your back, it’s far easier for your tongue to fall back into the throat and cause snoring. That’s why a tongue retaining device works best in these situations.
  • Alcohol Consumption: Much like sleep deprivation, alcohol consumption can cause the throat to overly relax — leading to snoring. In these cases, use a tongue retaining device.
  • Narrow Airways: If your airways are naturally narrow, a tongue retaining device can be helpful in increasing flow and reducing snoring.
  • Nasal Problems: If nasal issues are your source of snoring, trying using a mandibular advancement device, which can create enough space to allow air to free flow.
  • Mouth Anatomy: Sometimes the anatomy of the mouth is such that airflow is constricted. If your snoring is caused by simple anatomy issues, test a mandibular advancement device first.
  • Obesity: Gaining weight can lead to excess tissue in the mouth and throat. If weight gain is the source of your snoring, find a snore guard that stabilizes that additional tissue.
Causes of SnoringBest Type of Mouthpiece
Obesity Tissue Stabilizer
Mouth Anatomy MAD
Nasal Problems MAD
Narrow Airways TRD
Alcohol Consumption TRD
Sleep Position TRD
Sleep Deprivation TRD

Other Products for People Who Snore

Mouthguards and mouthpieces aren’t your only option when you want to stop snoring. You have a range of other options, including:

  • Weight Loss: As noted above, weight gain can lead to excessive tissue in the mouth and throat, which can then lead to snoring. Simply losing weight can eliminate snoring, in some cases.
  • New Sleeping Position: Since sleeping on your back can also lead to snoring, If you simply try different sleeping positions, you may find that your snoring goes away.
  • Essential Oil: Essential oils are a modern-day obsession for some. They are known to help with all sorts of maladies, and there are even essential oils that are recommended to help with snoring.
  • Sinus and Allergy Medication: If nasal issues are the reason for your snoring, you might want to try taking a sinus or allergy medication before bed.
  • Snoring Strip: Snoring strips lift the nasal passages and create more space for air to flow. If nasal issues are causing your snoring issues, snoring strips might be the perfect solution.
  • Snoring Pillow: Some pillows are designed specifically to put snorers in a better posture for sleep — one that eliminates snoring altogether.
  • CPAP Mask: A CPAP Mask is a fairly intense solution that should only be explored after less intensive solutions have failed.
  • Surgery: In the most dramatic snoring cases, the only effective solution might be undergoing surgery to alleviate the underlying issue. See the table below and learn how these other options compare to a snoring mouthpiece in the categories of cost, intensity and effectiveness.
Anti-Snoring DeviceCostIntensityEffectiveness
Surgery HighHighHigh
CPAP Mask HighHighHigh
Snoring Pillow Moderate Low Moderate
Snoring MouthpieceModerateLowHigh
Snoring StripLowLowModerate
Sinus and Allergy Medication Low Low Low
Essential OilLow LowLow
New Sleeping Position Low Low Low
Weight LossLow HighModerate

Pros & Cons of Using Anti-Snoring Mouthpieces

A snoring mouthpiece is a highly popular and effective device for those who snore. Millions around the world have tried mouthpieces and found them to be the ideal product to eliminate snoring. It’s not always the perfect solution, though, and, just like with any other anti-snoring tactic, a snoring mouthpiece comes with its own unique pros and cons:

The Pros of Snoring Mouthpieces:

  • Intensity: Using a mouthguard is only moderately intense, which makes it a far more attractive option than CPAP masks or surgery.
  • Value: A mouthpiece to stop snoring might cost a little bit more than other solutions, but it’s much more likely to be effective — which unlocks value for the user.
  • Effectiveness: There’s no guarantee this category of anti-snoring devices will work for you, but there’s evidence that a snoring mouthpiece is just about the most effective device you can use that’s low or moderate in its intensity.

The Cons of Snoring Mouthpieces:

  • Effectiveness: There’s no guarantee that a snoring mouthguard will deliver the solution you need.
  • Cost: They are moderately expensive, so it’s important to test out less expensive options first.
  • Comfort: Some snore guard options can actually make users uncomfortable, which can make it even harder to sleep.

Buyer’s Guide

With so many options, how do you compare different products and identify the best snoring mouthpiece for your situation? Focus on the following 6 decision factors:

First and foremost, you need a snore guard that fits your mouth. Some snoring mouthpiece options are available in different sizes, and some are adjustable. No matter what you choose, make sure it fits your mouth or that it can be adjusted to fit your mouth.
Comfort is essential, too. No two mouths are exactly the same, so you’ll need to try out snoring mouthpiece options to find the one that makes you most comfortable overnight.
Do you want an adjustable option? Some of the snore guard options listed above adjust easily, while others are one-size-fits-all.
Most snore guards focus on moving the jaw forward, but some others focus on placement of the tongue. If you prefer a specific approach to eliminating snoring, find a snoring mouthpiece that uses that approach.
Price is always a factor, no matter what you’re shopping for. You want a snoring mouthpiece that delivers the value you need. That is, you’ll want a product that gets the job done at a reasonable price.
It’s nice to reduce risk and enjoy some protection when you buy a snore guard. Look for a snoring mouthpiece that gives you a reasonable warranty should you need to return it for any reason.You may have other aspects of a snore guard that are important to you — and that’s just fine. When you want to invest money into a snoring solution, you should seek out the best snoring mouthpiece to meet your unique needs.


If you’re new to anti-snoring devices, you probably have lots of questions. Here’s a rundown of questions frequently asked about snoring mouthpieces. Read the answers to the questions below, and arm yourself with as much information as possible before you make a final purchasing decision.

How Soon Will I Stop Snoring?

It really depends on what type of snore guard you choose. Some promise that the product will immediately put a stop to your snoring, while others recommend an “adjustment” period before you should expect to see any results. It’s important to note that there’s no guarantee a snoring mouthpiece will work at all. Yes, snore guards are highly effective when compared to other low and moderately intensive anti-snoring tactics. But in some cases, snorers need treatment with even more intensity — like CPAP masks or even surgery.

How Long Do They Last For?

Again, this really depends on the product. Some will last for years and years, while others will need replacing every year or so (and sometimes more frequently). Keep in mind that you also play a role in how long your device lasts. If you clean it and take care of it properly, it will last longer than if you fail to clean it and generally neglect the snoring mouthpiece. Keep in mind that you often get what you pay for. If you’re taken aback by the price of a specific snore guard, remember that you’re likely to get far more use (and far more value) out of it than by choosing a less expensive option. Paying half as much for a snore guard doesn’t help you much if that snore guard only lasts for months rather than years.

Are Anti-Snoring Mouthguards Comfortable?

Unfortunately, not all mouthguards and mouthpieces are comfortable. That’s why it’s so important to do your research first and then to try different options while taking advantage of warranty windows. The right snore guard for you should be comfortable, yes. So never settle for a snoring mouthpiece that doesn’t make you feel comfortable. As you read through the recommendations above, take note of the comments on how comfortable each is. You can get a good sense of a snore guard’s comfort by reading through reviews both here and in other places online.

Do I Need a Prescription to Buy One?

Absolutely not. Any of the snore guard options listed above are readily available without a prescription. But, while you don’t need a prescription, it’s also a good idea to get medical advice before you invest in a MAD or TRD. Ask your doctor or dentist for recommendations as part of your research before buying an anti-snoring mouthpiece. If you don’t have time to visit the doctor or dentist, know that you can do no harm by using a snore guard without medical advice. So, if you’re eager to get started, try out a product today and talk to a medical professional about it later.

Are There Different Mouthpiece Sizes?

Yes, as you read through the options listed above, you’ll find that some are one-size-fits-all, some are available in different sizes, and still others are adjustable. Finding the right fit and achieving the right level of comfort is vastly important, so make sure you do enough research before making a purchase. There are even some snoring mouthpiece options that send you more than one size with each purchase. If you want to try out different sizes, find one of these options that will provide different-sized mouthpieces with each purchase.

Final Thoughts 

Best Anti Snoring Mouthpieces and Mouthguards 2020 11

Snoring can be a significant detractor to your quality of sleep. Mouthguards or mouthpieces could serve as a magic wand that makes your snoring problem go away. So, rather than shopping on price alone, make sure you’re finding a snore guard that is effective in eliminating your snoring.

Of course, there are so many different things to consider and take into account when searching for the best snore guard. Just keep in mind this one thing: You can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep. If you need to pay a little bit more to get the ideal solution, that money is worth spending.

Consider the list of our top picks listed above, and take a step toward freeing yourself (and your loved ones) from the challenges of snoring.

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