There are so many distractions to contend with these days that sometimes your brain is simply moving too fast for you to relax and slow down before bedtime. In these cases, a proven sleep aid like Lunexia can be the perfect solution.

Lunexia is a natural sleep aid that helps you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and wake up more refreshed — all with a non-habit forming formula. But is the Lunexia sleep aid right for you? See Sleepyhood’s Lunexia review below for all the details you need.

Good for
  • Anyone looking for an all-natural, non-habit forming solution
  • Users who struggle either to fall asleep or stay asleep
  • Busy adults who need to wake up refreshed and energized


  • All-natural and non-habit forming formula
  • Designed to help users fall asleep fast and stay asleep
  • Promotes waking up both refreshed and energized


  • Some users may experience side effects such as dry mouth and fatigue
  • An all-natural formula may not be powerful enough to help all users
  • Only available through the Lunexia site — not sold in stores

What is Lunexia?

The Lunexia sleep aid is designed to directly meet the needs of people with busy lives who have a hard time getting the sleep they need. Lunexia promises 3 direct benefits to its users:

1. Falling Asleep: There’s nothing worse than lying in bed and looking at the ceiling as you try to fall asleep. Lunexia is designed to help users fall asleep more quickly so there’s no uneasy time spent staring at the walls.
2. Staying Asleep: Falling asleep is the first step, but it’s also important that you stay asleep for extended periods of time. Lunexia is designed to help you stay asleep longer, so that you get the deep sleep needed to be at your best the next day.
3. Waking Up: A common complaint about many sleep aids is that you often wake up feeling groggy the next morning. The Lunexia sleep aid is designed to help you wake up refreshed, and Lunexia reviews indicate that most users do wake up feeling energized.

But there’s more to love about Lunexia. It also delivers two additional benefits that many seek in an effective sleep aid:

All-Natural: Lunexia’s all-natural formula includes no dangerous drugs or unsafe ingredients.
Non-Habit Forming: Some sleep aids cause user dependency. This is not the case with Lunexia, which includes a non-habit forming formula.

Do You Want Lunexia Sleeping Aid Capsules?

Why a Sleep Supplement?

People are often hesitant to start using sleep supplements, and that’s perfectly understandable. A sleep supplement isn’t always the right solution for people struggling with sleep, but supplements are important options to have. There are 3 key reasons to consider a sleep supplement:
Sleep is Essential: It’s hard to get out of bed and do anything in the morning if you’re not getting great sleep. A sleep supplement can help ensure that you’re able to get up in the morning and be as productive as you need to be.
Other Options Have Failed: There are a number of different options when you need help falling asleep. Sometimes the solution is as simple as changing your behavior in some way. But, when other options fail, it’s important to consider using supplements to get the sleep you need.
Insomnia May Have Long-Term Effects: If you try to tough it out without sleep supplements, you risk long-term, adverse effects both to your physical and psychological health. If sleep supplements keep you from experiencing those adverse effects, they are well worth trying.

Lunexia is just one of many sleep aid options you can consider, but Lunexia reviews are overwhelmingly positive, making this sleep aid one of the most popular on the market and one of your best bets when you need help falling asleep.

How Does Lunexia Work?

Lunexia includes a number of active ingredients, which you can read about in detail below. The supplement is a blend of ingredients that relaxes the body and mind and helps any user enter the ideal state for maximizing sleep quality.

You’ll note in the table below that each ingredient in Lunexia’s “proprietary sleep blend” makes a small impact on the body to help you fall asleep quickly, stay asleep and wake up refreshed. All sleep supplements use their own blend, and this is how Lunexia approaches helping users get better sleep.

Lunexia Review: Does This Sleep Aid Really Work? 2

Lunexia Ingredients

Lunexia includes 3 exceedingly common ingredients: calcium, vitamin B6 and magnesium. The supplement also includes several other ingredients that it describes as the Lunexia “proprietary sleep blend”.

Each of the all-natural ingredients listed above helps push your body to fall asleep fast and to stay asleep through the night, all without posing any undue health risks. Here’s a little bit more about what each of these ingredients in the proprietary sleep blend does for your body:

5-HTPDerived from seeds of plants and known to reduce insomnia
ValerianFlowering plant used to treat insomnia and nervousness
SkullcapUsed to ease stress and treat nervousness
St. John's WortFlowering plant that helps reduce depression
Passion Fruit Tropical fruit that can help modulate brain function
Melatonin Hormone that regulates the body?s sleep cycles
Lemon Balm A type of mint that is believed to calm nerves
L-Tryplophan Amino acid that improves mood and sleep quality
L-Theanine Amino acid that reduces mental and physical stress
L-Taurine Amino acid thought to improve sleep quality
Inositol Alleviates symptoms related to stress and anxiety
Hops Flowering plant known for its sedative effect
Goji BerriesUsed traditionally to inject antioxidants
GABABrain-produced inhibitor that calms the mind
ChamomileAn herb known for its calming properties
AshwagandhaPlant that is known to produce calming effects

Benefits of Lunexia

The benefits of Lunexia are clear. It delivers what those who struggle with sleep want most: a supplement that helps them fall asleep fast, stay asleep longer and wake up refreshed. It also delivers two additional benefits that users love: an all-natural, non-habit forming formula.

Lunexia Side Effects

There is a set of possible side effects related to using Lunexia. Not all users will experience one or more of these side effects, but it’s important to understand any potential risks before using a supplement. Lunexia’s possible side effects include: dry mouth, headaches, nervousness and/or anxiety, stomach issues and fatigue. It’s always a good idea to consult a physician before you start taking any sort of supplement, Lunexia included. If you start to experience any severe side effects, you should discontinue use and speak to a doctor. Keep in mind that Lunexia is just one of many sleep supplements on the market. If you suffer from severe side effects while using it, simply stop use and try a different supplement. In time, you should be able to find a sleep supplement that works best for you.

Final Thoughts on the Lunexia Sleep Aid

Lunexia Review: Does This Sleep Aid Really Work? 3

Lunexia is just one supplement in a host of options that you can try when you struggle with getting quality sleep. That said, Lunexia reviews indicate that this product is one of the best at meeting the needs of its users. As one stay-at-home mom put it: “After using Lunexia for a week I’ve never felt better, and can keep up with my kids all day long!” If you’re interested in getting better sleep, Lunexia is worthy of consideration as a sleep supplement option.